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Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 - Boys & Girls 6/2/18
June 2, 2018
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Sonoma Soccer
Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 - 2018

Rules & General Information
We would like to welcome everybody to the Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 - 2018 on behalf of Sonoma Soccer. The proceeds from the cup benefit the Sonoma State Soccer program, and help offset scholarships, travel, and operating expenses.

In 2002, they won the NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer National Championship and could not have won it without the support from coaches, players and parents from every corner of Northern California!

This is the first annual Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 and we hope that everyone involved enjoys it and finds it to be a fun and valuable soccer experience.

Our goal is that the Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 will provide an environment for kids to play multiple games in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The event provides the necessary conditions to grow as an individual player and to develop small group partnerships in a team. We hope coaches emphasize fun, skill development, confidence, creativity, comfort on the ball, and initiative.

Please ask your players and parents to display the level of sportsmanship that all competitors deserve. This event is meant to be a fun and competitive event. We are using our SSU Men’s and Women’s players as referees. Any foul or infraction is not to be commented on or contested by coaches or parents. We have trained all of them and please realize that they are doing the best that they can and if they aren’t, we will replace them with someone who will!

We look forward to an fun weekend and once again, we thank everyone for their support. I would also like to give thanks to Ben Langwith, Brian Bianucci, T.J Perez, Joe Hunter, and Matt Railla as well as the entire soccer team for all of the time that they put in to make this event a success.

Marcus Ziemer
Sonoma Soccer President

General Notes
- All proceeds benefit the Sonoma State University Soccer Program.
- Please set an example and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
- Parking: If you park in a legal, non-reserved space you will not be ticketed!
- Also see specific parking notes on webpage

Coaches and Managers Notes
- The Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 7v7 is not NorCal or CYSA sanctioned. We have our own insurance through Sonoma Soccer and you are not restricted by US Club or CYSA paperwork and travel rules. We use the honor system to monitor ages.
- If you have light and dark uniforms, please bring both sets. Please bring a set of colored bibs in case of color conflicts.
- Each team is responsible for providing a well-inflated game ball for each game. Each team is responsible for chasing any ball that goes out of bounds on the half of the field that they warmed up on. Please return it to the owner after the game.
- All games will start at the scheduled time with a central horn. If teams aren’t ready to play when the horn blows, they will lose valuable playing time. Get to the field early, find the other coach and work out uniform colors.

Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup 7v7 - Rules
- Any controversy, interpretation of the rules or disciplinary action shall be ruled upon by the Games Committee, which will include: Marcus Ziemer, Ben Langwith, TJ Perez, Joe Hunter, Brian Bianucci and Matt Railla. In the event that one of the committee’s teams is involved in the dispute, that committee member will not be involved in the decision. In the event that the games committee can’t be consulted all final rulings will be made by the tournament director.
- All players must be the appropriate age. We are using the 2018-2019 calendar. Any team caught using over-age players will be disciplined. The ruling will be made by the rules committee and could include the forfeit of games.
- For 7v7 - We recommend only bringing 10-11 players - Each team can use a maximum of 13 players in each game. Once the game starts, you can’t change your roster.
- Players can’t play for two teams in the same division/bracket, but they can play for two teams in two different age groups.
- All 7v7 games will be 2 x 15 minute halves, with a 2 minute half-time. There will be no injury or stoppage time, unless there is a serious medical emergency.
- We will use a size 4 ball.
- There is no deliberate heading of the ball in 7v7.
- Field dimensions are roughly 70L x 50W or smaller.
- Substitutions are to be made “on the fly”, and are unlimited. The player coming off must be running towards the sidelines before the sub can run on. Referees have the right to change this sub rule to only during stoppages if they feel a coach is abusing the rule.
- The ball does not have to go forward on the kick off, it can be played back.
- Kickoffs are in-direct (cannot score directly)
- When the ball goes out of bounds on the sideline it will be restarted with a throw-in
- Balls out of bounds on the endline will start with a corner kick or goal kick, depending on where it went out of bounds and who touched it last.
- Goal kicks are to be taken from inside penalty arc and must be kicked outside the penalty arc before they can be touched by another player.
- All fouls committed outside the penalty box will be in-direct kicks.
- All fouls committed in the attacking penalty box by the defending team will be penalty kicks from the top of the penalty arc.
- “Walls” or defenders must be set at least 8 yds from the ball on all restarts.
- In the event that in the “play-offs” a team is scheduled against a team from group play or a team from the same club then the pairings will be adjusted according to seeding so that they don’t play each other.
- Together, coaches, parents, and referees are expected to create and promote a fun and safe environment for players.

Point System
- 6 points will be awarded for a win and 3 points for a tie. Teams will also get one point for every goal up to 4. (Maximum 10 points for a 4-0 win and 7 points for a 4-4 tie)
- A forfeit counts as a 2-0 win and 8 points.
- The tie-breaker will be the following criteria in preferential order:
- 1. Head-to-head results. (if 3 teams are tied once a team has been selected as the division winner, the remaining teams move onto the next tie breaker (goal differential) and so on.
- 2. Goal differential, maximum of 5 per game.
- 3. Goals for. (max 10 per game)
- 4. Goals against. (max 10 per game)
- 5. Penalty kicks if both teams are present. (If not present, ruling will be made by the games committee).
- 6. Coin toss.
- 7. $ amount of donation to SSU - Soccer Fund (just kidding unless it is a really big one)

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