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June 3, 2018
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Drop Off and Parking Policy:

Drop off and Parking Policy at Sonoma State University

Drop-off and Pick up: You may not drop off or pick up in the road way! You must pull into a parking lot or parking spot in order to drop off or pick up your child. Please park in lot G or H.

No curb-side drop off or pick up.*

If you need to park in a lot during the weekdays (Monday –Friday) please purchase a parking pass from the Kiosk at the main entrance of campus and park in non-reserved lots only. If you park in the Residence Hall (RH) or Reserved lots you will be ticketed.

Soccer tournament participants will not be allowed to park in the Residence Hall lots closest to the practice fields. You may only park in the non-reserved lots or you will be ticketed. There will also be no curb side drop off.*

A printable campus map can be found at that indicates whether lots are reserved, non reserved or residence hall parking.

The following is the Sonoma State University parking policies. -

Under state law all parking on a University campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. This applies to all Staff, Faculty, Students, and Visitors, except those visitors who are parked in posted time zones or who display valid visitor parking permits.

Short-Term Parking Permits
Short-term parking permits are available for purchase at permit permit machines located in most parking lots or at either of the Parking Information Centers. Please refer to the campus map for exact locations. Permit machines accept cash or all major credit cards. Machines do not give change.

Short-term parking is available without a permit only in marked timed zones. Timed zones are located in many parking lots for 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes. Timed zones are strictly enforced.

Short-term parking permits are $5.00 per day for general and $8.00 for reserved parking. Multiple day permits are available for consecutive days at the daily rate. Multiple day permits and reserved permits are available only at the Parking Information Centers. Short-term reserved passes are subject to availability at the discretion of Parking Services.

If the machine does not operate properly, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to immediately contact Police & Parking Services at (707) 664-4444. The purchaser must obtain a permit at another operable permit machine or at either of the Parking Information Centers.

Temporary Disability Parking
Qualifying students, faculty, or staff with temporary or on-going disabilities who do not possess a DMV Disabled Placard may apply to receive a Temporary Disabled Parking Permit. This permit allows vehicles to park in disabled zones on campus for up to 30 days. Vehicles must also display a valid SSU parking permit.

Temporary disabled parking permits may be obtained by filling out a Temporary Disability Parking Application (doc) and information regarding the acquisition and proper use of the permit are available in the 30-Day Temporary Parking Guidelines (pdf). Medical certification may be required. Applications should be returned to Disability Services for Students. Please contact Disability Services for Students at (707) 664-2677 for additional information about this program.

The permits may not be renewed. Individuals who require longer accommodation must contact the California DMV to apply for a disabled placard.

Parking Information Centers
Parking Information Centers are located at both the north and south entrances of campus. The centers offer transit information, campus maps and parking information. Daily and weekly parking passes are also available for sale.

Please visit our Parking Information Centers web page for more information.

Cancelation and Refund Policy:

Refund/Cancellation Policy for Tournaments

Teams will not be officially accepted into the tournament until balance is paid in full.

Refunds will be made to all teams not accepted.

Once your team has been accepted, refunds will not be given. If Sonoma Soccer finds a replacement for the canceled team, those who cancel may be eligible for a refund.

Teams can petition for a refund via email to Sonoma Soccer reserves the right to apply a $50 administrative fee should a refund be granted.

Cancellation or withdrawal from tournament on the day of the tournament or after the tournament has started, for any reason, will result in forfeiture of entire entry fee.

Sonoma Soccer reserves the right to apply an additional administrative fee if expenses were incurred from a teams no show/forfeit.

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